Blended Coffees

Blended Coffees

A blend of coffee is literally two or more different types of coffee bean blended together. Any amount of different coffees can be blended together but it is normal for blends to have only between two and four types of bean.

Blending coffee is often done for consistency. You can trust your favourite blend to smell and taste the same whenever you purchase it whereas the taste of single origin coffees can change throughout the year.

Coffee can also blended to give unique flavours and aromas that you can’t find within single origin coffee.

The process of blending isn’t as straight forward as you might think. First the beans are selected. This is done with a certain flavour goal in mind and isn’t just a case of trial and error.

Next comes the blending. There is some argument over whether or not blending should occur before or after roasting. The general consensus is the beans should be roasted together, different beans roast at different rates and this difference in roast can actually help to give a well-rounded flavour.

Once roasted, the beans are ground and then packaged ready for shipping.

Blended coffees are popular with restaurants and coffee shops who are able to specify their own unique blends for use in their espresso machines.

At we stock a large range of the best coffee blends. We roast the beans and blend on site at our factory in Pluckley. We provide unique blends to local restaurants as well as producing our own blends for sale instore or online. Some of our favourite blended coffee include our Kentish roast coffee blend, Italian roast and our breakfast coffee.