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Nilgiri Tea Flowery Pekoe Korakundah

Nilgiri Tea Flowery Pekoe Korakundah

Nilgiri Flowery Pekoe "Korakundah" Estate - Nilgiri Teas - Prices from 1.58p for 50g - uk tea and coffee company...

10% Discount From £1.42was £1.58
Pomegranate White Tea

Pomegranate White Tea

Pomegranate White Tea - Flavoured White Tea - Prices from 4.24p for 50g - Uk Tea and Coffee Company...

10% Discount From £3.82was £4.24
Irish Breakfast Tea FOP

Irish Breakfast Tea FOP

Irish Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea...

10% Discount From £2.05was £2.28
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10% Off for new customers, use voucher code TAC2014 at checkout.

Roasting Coffee Beans for 30 years.We pride ourselves in producing fresh Kentish Roast Coffee, coffee beans or ground to order. Professionally and consistently roasted coffee, Kent's finest Coffee. Buy Coffee Online.

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Single  Origin  CoffeesSingle Origin Coffees
Blended  CoffeesBlended Coffees
Espresso  CoffeeEspresso Coffee
Rain  Forest  Alliance  CoffeesRain Forest Alliance Coffees
Flavoured  CoffeesFlavoured Coffees
Chocolate Covered Coffee BeansChocolate Covered Coffee Beans
New Coffees New Coffees 2014
Coffee  ClubCoffee Club
Espresso Coffee BeansWholesale Catering Coffee (UK)

Our Coffees are roasted with the latest "state of the art" Nuehaus Neotec fluidized air-bed system which primarily uses convection heat transfer to roast the coffee.

Single Origin Coffees. We have a range of 30 single origin coffees from around the world. Coffees from Mexico, Mysore in south India, Java, Ethiopia, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominica, Hawaii, Jamaica, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, New Guinea and the Yemen. All in stock and available as whole coffee beans or ground to order.

Coffee  Blends are very popular in the  UK and bring together several original coffees to create coffees like Breakfast Coffee and our house Kentish Roast Coffee.

Espresso Coffees have been more popular in recent years following the growth in the UK of coffee bars. Espresso Roasts are blends suitable for use with espresso machines giving you an excellent base for making cappuccino's etc... We have an extensive range of our own espresso coffee bean roasts including: Kentish Espresso which is our most popular blend of Italian Beans, Mocha and Mysore originals - Canterbury Roast - Cafe Rico Coffee - Java Santos Roast Coffee - Pure Arabica Espresso Beans and more ...!  Supplying the Coffee Shops of Kent and further afield with great artisan coffee. We also roast bespoke coffees for customers and offer a full analysis and matching service. We care about coffee ! We  care  about  our customers.

Rain Forest Alliance Coffees from El Salvador, Brazil and Guatemala offer the best ethical coffees on the market. Our Rian Forest Alliance Espresso Roast is a blend of El Salvador Bourbon and Brazilian Oringinals.

We also have a great range of flavoured coffees such as Hazelnut and Irish Cream and for the chocolate lover " Chocolate covered coffee beans ".

We are always looking for new exciting coffees and for the dedicated coffee drinkers we have a coffee club which sends our customers regular supplies of coffee. Buy Coffee Online at tea and We stock over 60 different Types of Coffee .

Kentish Roast Coffee... for the best coffee in Kent ! Over 65 Coffees in Stock... not forgetting the 480 plus different Teas !... and the service!

Buy Coffee Online at tea and

Uk Tea and Coffee Merchants. Wholesale Tea and Coffee Company based near the village of Pluckley in Kent, England, UK. Loose Leaf Teas and Tea Bags in stock available to buy online.

10% Off for new customers, use voucher code TAC2014 at checkout.