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Irish Breakfast Tea FOP

Irish Breakfast Tea FOP

Irish Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea...

10% Discount From £2.05was £2.28
Nilgiri Tea Flowery Pekoe Korakundah

Nilgiri Tea Flowery Pekoe Korakundah

Nilgiri Flowery Pekoe "Korakundah" Estate - Nilgiri Teas - Prices from 1.58p for 50g - uk tea and coffee company...

10% Discount From £1.42was £1.58
Pomegranate White Tea

Pomegranate White Tea

Pomegranate White Tea - Flavoured White Tea - Prices from 4.24p for 50g - Uk Tea and Coffee Company...

10% Discount From £3.82was £4.24
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Green Tea

Green Tea

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We have a wide range of over 70 Green Teas in Stock. We pack both loose leaf green teas and green tea bags. Buy green teas online at tea and

China Green TeaChina & Formosa Green
Japanese Green TeasJapanese Green Teas
Nepal, Indian Green TeaNepal, Indian, Ceylon Green Tea

We have a  wide range of Green Teas, both loose leaf Green Teas and Green Tea Bags. We stock Green Teas from China, Japan, Nepal and India. You can buy Green Tea Online at tea and

China Green Teas. China is the biggest producer of Green Teas and we stock 43 loose leaf teas and tea bags. All packed fresh to order. We stock Gunpowder Green Teas, Dragonwell Teas, Jasmine Teas and Chun Mee Teas and have a Chinese Sencha Green Tea as our house tea. Also Pi Luo Chun Tea and Bi Luo Chun Teas, Mao Feng Green Teas, Lu Mu Dan, Long Xu, Mao Jian Hunnan, Steamed Green Tea, Young Hyson, Xian Ming and Yunnan Green. New in 2014 we have Jade Ring Green Tea.

Packed from 50g to 1 Kilo and sample selection packs are available.

Japanese Green Teas. Japan is very well known for its Green Tea production and has its famous Tea Ceremony which has been in existence for centuries. We have Japanese Loose Leaf  Sencha Green Teas from the Mount Fuji Green Tea and Fukujyu Tea Estates, Japanese Sencha Green Teas flavoured with Cherry which is very popular as the Cherry is symbolic in Japan, Bancha Green Tea and Bancha Houghi Cha which is a slightly toasted tea,the famous stick teas Kuki Cha and Ko Kie Cha, the unusual Sencha Genmai Cha and we stock the very finest tea called Gyokuru, Of course we have the very special Matcha Powder in tins and new in July 2012 is a Matcha Genmai Cha..  a very rare tea !.

Buy Japanese Tea Online.

Indian Green Teas and Nepali Green Teas. In recent years both Nepal and India have increased production of Green Teas as the world demand for Green Teas has risen. From Nepal we have a classic Nepal Mao Feng Green Tea and a Nepali Green Sencha Tea from the Shree Antu Tea Estate. From Darjeeling we have a standard green tea SFTGFOP1 and also a fine quality Darjeeling Sencha Green Tea.

New in July 2012 we have two wonderful teas from the Darjeeling Pussimbing Tea Estate which are well crafted teas containing both Green Tea leaves and White Tea Leaves. Our Assam Green Teas are both very high quality. We have our Assam Fine Green Tea and our Assam Swan Green.

August  2012 sees  the  arrival  of  an  excellent  green  tea  from  the  Assam joonktollee tea estate..

Buy Green Tea Online. In stock from China, India, Nepal and Japan.

Uk Tea and Coffee Merchants. Wholesale Tea Company based near the village of Pluckley in Kent, England, UK.