After Dinner Coffee

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No dinner with friends is complete without coffee. After the starter, after the mains, after the desert, and after the cheese comes our specially-made, high-quality After Dinner Coffee.

We have been roasting After Dinner Coffee since the 1980’s and it has proven to be one of our most popular choices. Made with Kenya AA Coffee beans which consists of notes reminiscent of caramel and blackcurrant. It brings people together, shares in the love and the laughs, and finishes the evening off in the best way possible. Whether you are the host or the guest, After Dinner Coffee will seldom fail to put a smile on everyone’s face as you indulge with every sip, its unique flavours and rich aroma bringing your senses to life. Be enticed, be inspired with After Dinner Coffee today.

The tradition of drinking coffee after a meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, can be found in countless cultures and societies around the world, but particularly in Europe. In Italy, for example, countrymen and women prefer to drink cappuccino in the morning as the inclusion of milk is seen as an excellent source of calcium to start off the day. The Dutch, meanwhile, sometimes drink what they call a “koffie verkeerd”, which literally means “reverse coffee”. In a koffie verkeerd, a glass of milk is served that contains a small amount of coffee.

It is meant to help digestion which, in many ways, it probably does. And then, in France, coffee plays a huge part in the French culture. After dinner, black coffee is usually served with a cognac. Hosts might also serve a beverage called “Café Granit”, which is an intense but sweet coffee, flavoured with a mocha liqueur.

But this all still begs the question: why do people drink coffee, a beverage noted for its high caffeine content, after dinner when, presumably, they are about to go to bed? To many, the idea might seem counterintuitive, almost obscene. Yet, there is method behind the supposed “madness”. Aside from tradition, many choose to drink coffee after dinner to help reduce the lethargic feeling one gets following a large meal.

Dinner is usually the biggest meal of the day and often consists of the most calories and carbohydrates of the three “main” meal. As our bodies attempt to digest the food, it causes a condition known as “homeostasis” to occur. Drinking just enough caffeine-filled coffee, on the other hand, will help counteract the sleepiness most people experience after such a meal, helping you to stay up longer with friends and family and continue the social evening you were so looking forward to. And what better coffee to do just that than our very own After Dinner Coffee? It’s all in the name.

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