Why not spend some time having an Afternoon Tea in Stamford? You won’t regret it! This town finds itself on the River Welland in Lincolnshire, England, some 90 miles north of London.

Like almost any tourist destination in the UK, having a cuppa with sandwiches, scones and cake to hand is an immensely popular pastime. If this is to your taste, you’ve chosen well.

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There is evidence that Romans once inhabited this area hundreds of years ago. Later, the Anglo-Saxons chose Stamford as their main town, facing off with the Danes across the river.

By the Middle Ages, it had become famous for wool and woollen cloth production. Today, most know (and love) it for hosting several Afternoon Tea Stamford venues. On your next visit, be sure to indulge in all of your favourite treats and snacks. You won’t be disappointed.