Why not have an Afternoon Tea in Galway? This beautiful, historic city lies within in County Galway, itself within the province of Connacht in the West Region of the Republic of Ireland. Visitors come from far and wide to appreciate Galway’s age-old splendour, wandering down its ancient streets and marvelling at its remarkable architecture.

Such is its allure, in fact, that in 2020 it became the European Capital of Culture alongside Rijeka, Croatia. If you, too, are interested in seeing what’s on offer, make sure you find time to have a nice spot of lunch. For this, choose an Afternoon Tea Galway venue from the list below.

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Historically, the settlement of present-day Galway first grew around a fort constructed in 1124. It later came under the control of an oligarchy of fourteen merchant families during the Middle Ages.

These members, twelve of whom were of Norman origin and two of Irish origin, became known as the “Tribes of Galway”. It was during this period that the city thrived on international trade, eventually developing into the principal Irish port for trade with Spain and France.

Today, of course, it’s better known for several excellent Afternoon Tea Galway establishments.