Welcome to Hackney, a borough in East London. The area lies 4 miles northeast of Charing Cross, making up part of Inner London. If you find yourself here, there are plenty of places to enjoy an Afternoon Tea in Hackney. Expect a friendly face and professional service in whichever establishment you eventually decide upon.

Sorry, we do not currently have any places for afternoon tea in this region. If you would like to submit your business to be listed in this area please Fill out our listing form here.

Hackney makes up a part of the historic East End. Its name first appeared in records as “Hakney” in 1231. During the Tudor period, it became a choice location for wealthy Londoners wanting a taste of the countryside.

In some ways, it was somewhat of a commuter town! Little has changed today, with Hackney favoured by those wanting easy access to London’s city centre.

Why visit? Hackney boasts a variety of historic buildings, including the famous St Augustine’s Tower. If you’d prefer to get some fresh air, venture out into London Fields Park. Alternatively, sit back, relax and enjoy a cuppa in an Afternoon Tea Hackney establishment.