You’ve arrived in Highgate, a popular suburban area of North London. Highgate stretches out across three London boroughs: Haringey, Camden and Islington.

Most know it as one of the most expensive city suburbs in which to live. Having an Afternoon Tea in Highgate is an excellent choice. Indeed, if you’re looking for a place to stop for a cuppa and cake, look no further than here.

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Until the 1800s, Highgate was little more than a modestly-sized village just outside London. Even today, it has managed to retain large swathes of open land, including the eastern part of Hampstead Heath.

It’s no real wonder, then, that Highgate has become an increasingly popular destination among city-dwellers who enjoy the greenery.

Once famous for the likes of Dick Turpin and Karl Marx, this area now hosts countless Georgian-style shops and restaurants. This, of course, includes a number of Afternoon Tea Highgate establishments, with each one having something unique to offer.