North London is a region that makes up part of the United Kingdom’s capital city. There are no strict boundaries to this area, although most consider places like Camden, Hackney and Islington within North London.

Wherever you find yourself, you’re bound to find an Afternoon Tea in North London.  Be sure to tuck into a scone or two with a cuppa fresh from the pot.

Sorry, we do not currently have any places for afternoon tea in this region. If you would like to submit your business to be listed in this area please Fill out our listing form here.

Why visit? Depending on where you are, there are plenty of activities to while away the hours in North London. Why not start your day with some shopping in Camden Market?

Explore some 200 stalls as you wander through the busy yet atmospheric alleyways of this extraordinary tourist spot. Once you’ve bought yourself some gems, get some fresh air in the rolling woodlands and meadows of Hampstead Heath.

Alternatively, London Zoo never ceases to enthral those who love animals. If you prefer quieter days out, then there’s always the option of browsing through old books at the British Library.

However, when lunchtime comes around, be sure to indulge at an Afternoon Tea North London venue. There are many to choose from!