Welcome to Victoria, London. This area, known as the city centre of the Westminster borough, takes its name from Queen Victoria. If you enjoy all things royal, look no further than here.

After all, what could be more regal than tucking into a scone or two with a cuppa to hand? You can do just that with an Afternoon Tea in Victoria.

If you’re arriving from further afield, note that Victoria contains one of the busiest transport interchanges in the country. Nearby is Victoria Coach station, which lies a mere 800 metres away from the railway station.

From here, travellers can venture out to some of the farthest reaches of the UK. However, you don’t need to go that far if you’re looking for an Afternoon Tea in Victoria!

In 2011, Victoria received an “Opportunity Area” designation. In other words, it has outstanding potential in a plethora of ways. This, of course, includes its commercial growth, which in turn includes Afternoon Tea Victoria establishments.