Welcome to Alnwick, the traditional county town of Northumberland, England. This charming, culturally significant area finds itself some 32 miles from Berwick-upon-Tweed and the Scottish border, as well as being 34 miles from Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

There are many reasons to visit, including for a nice spot of lunch. Indeed, when it comes to having an Afternoon Tea in Alnwick, there are a handful of delightful venues to choose from. Whichever one you opt for, you’re undoubtedly in for a treat.

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The history of Alnwick dates back to 600 CE when it thrived as an agricultural centre. It later became known for Alnwick Castle, the home of the most powerful medieval northern baronial family, the Earls of Northumberland.

In time, the town transformed itself into a staging post on the Great North Road between Edinburgh and London. It’s now a dormitory area for nearby Newcastle-upon-Tyne, as well as being an excellent place to stop and indulge.

If this is to your taste, why not venture into an Afternoon Tea Alnwick establishment for all of your favourite delicious delicacies? You won’t regret it!