When it comes to having an Afternoon Tea in South Shields, expect plenty of choice. This coastal town in the North East of England indeed has much to offer.

It lies at the mouth of the River Tyne, approximately 4 miles from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It is historically part of County Durham, although it became part of Tyne and Wear in 1974. Whatever your reason for visiting, be sure to stop for a nice spot of lunch.

Archaeological evidence suggests that a settlement stood in this area in prehistoric times, with Stone Age arrowheads and Iron Age roundhouses discovered nearby.

It later became the site for a Roman garrison, which was constructed in 160 CE and expanded in 208 CE. The fort supplied soldiers along Hadrian’s Wall as they campaigned north beyond Antonine Wall.

During the 9th century, several Viking raids occurred on monasteries and settlements in the region. By 1245, however, the current town of South Shields had been founded as a fishing port. Centuries later, coal mining, alkaline production and glass brought about further development.

Despite being bombed during both the First and Second World War, the area has maintained its character and charm. And now, of course, you can stop in an Afternoon Tea South Shields venue whenever you get peckish!