It’s time, unquestionably, for you to have an Afternoon Tea in Sunderland. This city finds itself in Tyne and Wear, England, some 12 miles from Durham and 10 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne.

It lies at the mouth of the River Wear, while being located on a low range of hills running parallel to the coast. For hundreds of years, Sunderland has been a hub for shipbuilding. Nowadays, it boasts, among other qualities, several Afternoon Tea Sunderland establishments.

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Sunderland is historically part of County Durham. Many centuries ago, three individual settlements stood in its place: a fishing village named Sunderland, as well as Monkwearmouth and Bishopwearmouth.

By the 19th century, these had combined into one, with Sunderland developing into a port known for coal and salt.

Following the decline of the city’s traditional businesses in the late 20th century, Sunderland grew into a commercial hub for the automotive industry.

More recently, it has garnered a reputation for containing a number of outstanding Afternoon Tea Sunderland venues. If this is to your taste, you’ve chosen exceptionally well. Go on – treat yourself today!