Wallasey is a town located in Merseyside, north-west England. It finds itself on the mouth of the River Mersey, which is at the northeastern corner of the Wirral Peninsula.

Once a haven for smuggling and “wrecking” (the act of luring ships onto rocks to raid cargo), today, people come here for an Afternoon Tea in Wallasey. If this is to your taste, you’ve chosen exceptionally well.

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Historically, the name “Wallasey” comes from the Germanic word “Walha”, which means “stranger” or “foreigner” (and is also the origin of the word “Wales”.)

The suffix “-ey”, meanwhile, denotes an island or area of dry land. The town was once part of Cheshire, and was a sparsely populated area until the 19th century. It eventually became a hub for farming, fishing, sugar refining and shipbuilding.

Now, one of the leading industries is tourism, which, of course, includes a number of Afternoon Tea Wallasey establishments. Why not visit one today, indulging in scones, cakes, sandwiches and, naturally, a hearty cup of Loose Tea? You won’t be disappointed.