You’ve arrived in County Fermanagh, one of the thirty-two counties of the island of Ireland, as well as one of the six counties of Northern Ireland, UK. This remarkable area, known and loved by many, shares borders County Tyrone, County Monaghan, County Cavan, County Leitrim and County Donegal.

The largest town is Enniskillen – which is but one of many locations to get an Afternoon Tea in County Fermanagh. Indeed, although predominantly rural, there are nevertheless several places to get a nice spot of lunch. Why not find out for yourself today?

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Tourism is a vital part of County Fermanagh’s economy. But what, exactly, is on offer? Enniskillen alone boasts a plethora of thrilling activities. Here, one can find attractions such as the Castle Coole Estate and Enniskillen Castle.

Additionally, avid explorers may choose to venture into the Marble Arch Caves for some subterranean fun. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, though, you’re going to want to stop in an Afternoon Tea County Fermanagh venue!

There is never a bad time, after all, to indulge in all of your favourite sweet and savoury goodies! Just don’t forget the cuppa!