Welcome to Ayrshire, a county situated in South West Scotland on the shores of the Firth of Clyde. It shares borders with Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire to the north-east, Dumfriesshire to the south-east and Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire to the south.

Within it are the towns of Ayr, Kilmarnock and Irvine,  all of which make for excellent locations to have an Afternoon Tea in Ayrshire. Wherever you go, no matter what you do, be sure to browse the list below before your adventure!

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Geographically, Ayrshire is a predominantly flat county in the lowlands of Scotland. Historically, it was once found to the south of the Antonine Wall, a structure briefly occupied by the Romans during the reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius.

By the 11th century, Ayrshire had joined the Kingdom of Scotland. Over a hundred years later, in 1263, it was the site of the Battle of Largs where the Scots successfully drove off the Norwegians. Some have even suggested that Robert the Bruce was born here.

One thing’s for certain: stopping in an Afternoon Tea Ayrshire establishment is an excellent choice.