Welcome to Stirling, the “Gateway to the Highlands”. This historic city and ever-popular tourist destination finds itself in central Scotland. It lies 26 miles north-east of Glasgow and 37 miles north-west of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

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Stirling is a market town surrounded by rich farmland, its most visually striking feature being that of Stirling Castle. A legendary moment in its history took place while the area was temporarily under Anglo-Saxon sway and attacked by Danish invaders.

The story goes that the sound of a howling wolf roused a sentry, leading to Stirling’s garrison being alerted to the attack. The Vikings retreated and, in time, the wolf was adopted as the symbol of the town.

In 2002, Stirling received city status in recognition of Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee. Since then (and indeed long before), it has specialised in several industries, including higher education, tourism and retail.

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