Gravesend, famous for being the final resting place of Pocahontas, is a town in Kent, England. It’s just over 20 miles from London, and lies on the south bank of the Thames Estuary. While some come here for its association with the renowned indigenous American icon, others visit for Afternoon Tea in Gravesend. Why not do both?

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The unique geography of the area has long been of great strategic value. The town’s location is at a point where the higher land reachers the river bank. This inevitably made it easier to defend while giving rise to a thriving port.

A noteworthy moment in its history was when Pocahontas, then known as Rebecca, fell fatally ill in Gravesend. She tragically died shortly after.

Today, a poignant statue of Pocahontas is a popular tourist destination. Other frequently visited locations include the local borough market, Shorne Woods Country Park and New Tavern Fort.

If this doesn’t take your fancy, you could always just visit one of the town’s Afternoon Tea Gravesend venues. Browse through your options right here.