Minster, also known as Minster-in-Thanet, is a village in Kent, England. It is officially inside Ramsgate, some 12 miles from Canterbury. Nearby is Kent International Airport and the River Stour, although one shouldn’t venture too far away from an Afternoon Tea in Minster. There are at least a couple of choices when it comes to cakes, scones and cuppas.

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Historical evidence suggests that people have inhabited the Minster-in-Thanet area since at least the Bronze Age. It later became part of the Roman Empire under the emperor Claudius.

Four centuries later, the Romans ceded it to the Saxons around 450 CE. Another four hundred years later and Viking raids in the region were a common occurrence.

Today, people worry less about Viking raids and more about finding a nice Afternoon Tea Minster venue. For this, there is good news. Whether Minster is your final destination or you’re simply passing through, be sure to find time to relax. And when it comes to relaxing, there is nothing better than an Afternoon Tea in Minster.