Northfleet is a town in Kent, England. It makes up part of the Gravesham Borough, while also bordering the Dartford Borough. Immediately west is Gravesend.

Situated on the busy River Thames, it’s no surprise that Northfleet has developed into somewhat of an industrial powerhouse. But don’t be fooled. There is much more to this place, including an Afternoon Tea in Northfleet.

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People have inhabited this area since the Roman era. Centuries later, the Saxons knew it first as “Fleote”, then “Flyote”, then “Flete”. Its name changed again, according to the Domesday Book, when it became known as “Northflet”. Finally, by 1610, the name of Northfleet had stuck. During the English Civil War, a battle took place nearby. In August 1941, it became the target of German WWII bombers.

Things have thankfully calmed down since. Northfleet is now known for its various production lines. You can watch the hustle and bustle and the local docks from the comfort of several Afternoon Tea Northfleet establishments. Expect a welcoming face and professional service in whichever place you eventually decide upon.