Welcome to Queenborough, a small Kentish town on the Isle of Sheppey. This was once the home of Admiral Lord Nelson, victor at The Battle of Trafalgar.

Today, it’s home to a number of Queenborough Afternoon Tea venues. The area lies near the Thames Estuary at the westward entrance of the Swale, where it joins the River Medway.

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The strategic importance of Queenborough over the last few centuries cannot be overstated. As such, a fortress was built during the Hundred Years’ War to guard the passage of ships along the Swale.

By the 18th century, reports suggest that Nelson learned many of his seafaring skills in the nearby waters. He later shared a house near the small harbour with his mistress, Lady Hamilton.

An Afternoon Tea in Queenborough is a perfect pastime. Choose from a handful of establishments, some of which find themselves by the water’s edge. Tuck into scones and Tea while looking out upon the stunning vistas of this town.