Welcome to Southborough, a town in the District of Tunbridge Wells located in Kent, England. The area has a traditional English countryside vibe, with much to keep visitors happy.

Why not start with an Afternoon Tea in Southborough? Indeed, there is nothing quite like having a cuppa with cake after a nice, long walk in this delightful town.

Sorry, we do not currently have any places for afternoon tea in this region. If you would like to submit your business to be listed in this area please Fill out our listing form here.

Dinosaur fans might be pleased to know that the remains of an Iguanodon were discovered in the area surrounding Southborough. This ancient creature roamed the earth some 135 million years ago.

Millenia later, people began to inhabit the region despite it being heavily forested. Nevertheless, little is known about the district until the Norman Conquest.

Today, Southborough is only a short distance away from the picturesque town of Royal Tunbridge Wells. However, you don’t need to venture that far when it comes to Tea and scones. On your next visit, be sure to stop by at an Afternoon Tea Southborough venue.