Welcome to Swanscombe, a small town in the Dartford Borough of Kent, England. It is located near Gravesend, which is famous for being the final resting place of Indigenous American Pocahontas.

However, one doesn’t need to venture that far when it comes to an Afternoon Tea in Swanscombe. Be sure to stop over for a bite to eat with a nice, hot brew.

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Swanscombe is an Archaeologist’s paradise. Perhaps best known is that of the Swanscombe Man (now thought to be a female), who was found nearby.

Evidence suggests that he (or she!) was a late Homo erectus or an early Archaic Homo sapiens. Millenia later, the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Danes settled in this area.

Why visit? Swansborough has much to offer day-trippers. It makes for an excellent base when exploring the surrounding area, with easy access to both Dartford and Gravesend.

Alternatively, stay exactly where you are and pop into an Afternoon Tea Swanscombe establishment. The choice is yours. Choose well!