Welcome to Chipping Norton, a market town in the Cotswold Hills of Oxfordshire, South East England. This settlement finds itself 12 miles southwest of Banbury and 18 miles northwest of the county town of Oxford.

You don’t have to venture too far, however, to enjoy an Afternoon Tea in Chipping Norton. Why not find out for yourself today? Treat yourself to a cuppa and cake in this beautiful location.

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The Rollright Stones is a stone circle situated some 2.5 miles away from Chipping Norton. This is clear evidence that humans have inhabited the area for millennia.

The town itself began as a small settlement at the foot of the Cotswold Hills. By the Middle Ages, it had developed into a hub for trade in wool.

In 1627, Chipping Norton was the birthplace of the famously accused ‘witch’ Sarah Averill. She would later move to the Province of Massachusetts Bay (present-day USA) before being sentenced during the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.

Today, local residents worry less about the supernatural and instead enjoy visiting Afternoon Tea Chipping Norton venues. You should try one, too!