You’ve arrived in Wallingford, a historic market town nestled within the stunning vistas of Oxfordshire, South East England. The area lies on the River Thames within what was, until 1974, the county of Berkshire.

Nearby places of interest include Reading (12 miles away), Oxford (13 miles) and Henley-on-Thames (11 miles). Just, whatever you do, don’t venture too far! After all, you’re going to want to have an Afternoon Tea in Wallingford.

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No one can deny the outstanding role played by Wallingford throughout English history. It was here that Stigand surrendered to William the Conqueror in 1066, thus ensuring a Norman victory. Less than a century later, The Treaty of Wallingford saw the end of the civil war known as The Anarchy.

Despite suffering tremendous losses during the Black Death and falling out of favour during the Tudor era, the town prevailed. Even after the English Civil War, following the destruction of Wallingford Castle by Oliver Cromwell, Wallingford carried on its development.

Today, you can soak up the history and heritage of the area before or after visiting an Afternoon Tea Wallingford establishment.