Camberley is a town situated in Surrey, South East England. It finds itself in the far west of the county, close to the borders of Hampshire and Berkshire. Having an Afternoon Tea in Camberley is a great choice for whiling away the hours in contentment.

There is never a bad time, after all, for a nice, hot brew with scones and sandwiches to hand. If this is to your taste, waste not a minute longer. Find an Afternoon Tea Camberley venue today.

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The modern settlement that is Camberley didn’t truly exist until the 19th century. Before then, an Iron Age fort stood nearby. However, due to the land being mostly unsuitable for farming, there was little development for hundreds of years.

Change came following the establishment of The Royal Military College, which later became the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, in 1812. At this time, the settlement here went by the name “New Town”, which was renamed “Yorktown” in 1831.

Eventually, Yorktown became “Cambridge Town”, which, by 1877, had again changed to avoid confusion with the Cambridgeshire city of the same name. Finally, “Camberley” was adopted in 1877.

Now, you can enjoy visiting an Afternoon Tea Camberley establishment without having to worry about knowing where you are!