The time has come, surely, for you to enjoy an Afternoon Tea in Chertsey! This bustling town is located in Surrey, England, on the right bank of the River Thames. It makes up part of the Greater London Urban Area, with central London some 18 miles away.

Nearby is the popular tourist destination of Thorpe Park. However, when it comes to hot brews with scones, cakes and sandwiches, you don’t want to venture much further than right here!

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Interestingly, this settlement was one of the oldest market towns in England. It also has a closely-knit history with Christianity in this country. Much of Chertsey developed on all sides but the north around Chertsey Abbey, founded in 666 CE.

Both the Abbey and the town itself suffered damage following attacks by the Danes during the 9th century. Nevertheless, expansion continued over several hundreds of years, later accelerated by the arrival of the railway in 1848.

Today, Chertsey is thriving, and has since become a popular tourist stopping spot. Why not stop yourself, at an Afternoon Tea Chertsey establishment? You won’t be disappointed by the superb service and outstanding quality of the food and beverages.