Leatherhead is situated in Surrey, South East England, on the right bank of the River Mole. It finds itself at the edge of the contiguous built-up area of London, and is a popular commuter town.

However, while many locals venture out to the ‘big city’ for work, there are many more reasons to stay exactly where you are. This, of course, includes having an Afternoon Tea in Leatherhead. Below is a list of some great places to get a nice, hot brew with all your favourite treats.

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Transport has played a significant role in the history of Leatherhead, a settlement that dates back to at least Anglo-Saxon times. During the Medieval period, a bridge was built over the seasonally navigable River Mole, thus enabling trade year-round.

The local Swan Hotel later provided 300 years of service to stagecoaches passing through town. By the 20th century, the construction of the M25 motorway nearby brought about a new era of travel.

Now, it is easier than ever to get to an Afternoon Tea Leatherhead establishment in time for lunch!