Surely it’s time you had an Afternoon Tea in Woking? What are you waiting for? This large town finds itself in Surrey, South East England. It lies at the southwestern edge of the Great London Urban Area, making up part of the London commuter belt.

Despite many of its local residents venturing into the city, there are many more reasons why you should stay exactly where you are. This, of course, includes having a spot of lunch at an Afternoon Tea Woking establishment.

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Archaeological evidence, particularly in nearby Horsell Common, suggests that humans have lived in this area for possibly 4,000 years. Somewhat more recently, a Roman settlement existed in what is today’s Old Woking.

Despite appearing in the Domesday Book of 1086, it is only mentioned as the site of a monastery. Centuries later, it became better known for Woking Palace. This prestigious place was once the home of Henry VII’s mother and Henry VIII’s grandmother, Lady Margaret Beaufort.

Perhaps most noteworthy is the fact that H.G. Wells wrote his book “The War of the Worlds” while living in Woking in 1898. If alien encounters are not your style, however, then there is always the option of visiting an Afternoon Tea Woking establishment instead!