Welcome to Crawley, a large, bustling town in West Sussex, England. The area lies some 30 miles south of London and 18 miles north of Brighton and Hove.

Whether you’re stopping or simply passing through, be sure to have an Afternoon Tea in Crawley. After all, there is never a bad time to enjoy a cuppa with a scone or two!

Sorry, we do not currently have any places for afternoon tea in this region. If you would like to submit your business to be listed in this area please Fill out our listing form here.

People have inhabited the area surrounding Crawley since the Stone Age. Centuries after, it became a centre for ironworking during the Roman era. By the 5th century, the Saxons named its settlement here “Crow’s Leah”. Translated, this means “a crow-infested clearing”. Over time, the name evolved to its present spelling of “Crawley”.

Today, many know Crawley for its proximity to Gatwick Airport. However, it has much, much more to offer. On your next visit, why not spend some time in an Afternoon Tea Crawley venue? There are several to choose from, with each one being as homely and welcoming as the last.