Ashburton is a small yet popular town situated in the Dartmoor area of Devon, England. It lies some 20 miles northeast of Plymouth and 17 miles southwest of Exeter.

Once famous for tin-mining, it is today better known for several places to have an Afternoon Tea in Ashburton. If this is to your taste, be sure to choose an Afternoon Tea Ashburton venue from the list below.

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The earliest record of Ashburton dates back to the Domesday Book of 1086 when it was written as “Essebreton”. It later became one of the primary towns of the Teignbridge Hundred (an administrative region) throughout the early middle ages.

Centuries later, during the English Civil War, Ashburton became a temporary refuge for Royalist troops fleeing from defeat at the hands of General Fairfax.

Now, of course, people worry less about conflict and more about finding an Afternoon Tea Ashburton venue.