You’ve arrived in Brixham, a coastal fishing town in Devon, South West England, across the bay from Torquay. This location has a close association with King William III, who landed here in 1688 as part of the Glorious Revolution.

If you, too, like all things royal, why not treat yourself to an Afternoon Tea in Brixham so that you can indulge in a regal feast?

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The history of Brixham began during Saxon times, involving two separate communities with only a marshy lane to connect them. The area at the top of the hill went by the name “Cowtown”, while a mile away around the harbour was “Fishtown”.

Unsurprisingly, the town has long relied on fishing to sustain its local economy. Tourism, too, plays a significant role today, with a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship, Golden Hind, permanently moored here.

Whatever you decide to do in this area, you’re going to want to find somewhere nice to stop for lunch. Why not visit an Afternoon Tea Brixham establishment to make the most of your day out?

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