Welcome to Exeter, a city and the county town of Devon, South West England. It finds itself on the River Exe, some 36 miles northeast of Plymouth and 65 miles southwest of Bristol.

The area is home to Devon County Council, as well as the University of Exeter. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly when you’re hungry, it makes for a great place to enjoy an Afternoon Tea in Exeter.

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Evidence indicates that people have lived in and around Exeter since prehistoric times. It wasn’t until the Roman period, however, that significant development took place.

A fort named Isca was constructed in 55 CE, its presence eventually giving rise to a civilian community nearby. Historians know little about what happened here from the Roman withdrawal from Britain until around the 7th century.

By that time, the Saxons ran the city, who had arrived in Exeter after defeating British Dumnonians in 658 CE.

The Vikings captured the area in 876, only for it to be taken by Alfred the Great the following year. These raiders would try again over the next few years, but Exeter wouldn’t change hands until the Norman conquest of England.

The city subsequently rebelled against King William, resulting in a siege to quell the uprising. Moving ahead a few centuries, this settlement switched between Royalist and Parliamentarian hands over the course of the English Civil War.

The early years of the Industrial Revolution brought about further expansion of Exeter. However, by the 1800s, it had declined in importance. It would go on to face attacks by the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War, with much of the city rebuilt in the 1950s.

Now, there are several Afternoon Tea Exeter venues – all of which are well worth visiting.