Are you interested in having an Afternoon Tea in Great Torrington? If so, you’ve made an excellent decision. This small market town lies in the north of Devon, South West England.

Much of it finds itself on high ground with steep drops down to the River Torridge below, although there are also some low-lying parts of the town. Wherever you are, you’re bound to find a nice place for lunch.

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The origins of Great Torrington can be traced back to Iron Age and medieval castles built nearby. Most notably, it played a vital role in the English Civil War, becoming the site of the Battle of Torrington (1646).

This involved Parliamentarians, led by Sir Thomas Fairfax, sweeping into the town and defeating Lord Hopton’s forces. Its conclusion marked the end of Royalist resistance in the West Country.

Great Torrington has long been a factory town specialising in several industries, including glove-making. It is also famous for its crystal production, which shines almost as brightly as this delightful location.

On your next visit, be sure to stop in an Afternoon Tea Great Torrington venue. You won’t be disappointed by the cuppa, scones, sandwiches and cake on offer.