Are you interested in having an Afternoon Tea in Llanelli, a Welsh town of extraordinary character and charm? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Llanelli is the largest town in the county of Carmarthenshire and the preserved county of Dyfed.

It finds itself on the Loughor estuary, some 10 miles northwest of Swansea and 12 miles southeast of the county town, Carmarthen. Famous for its rugby tradition and as a centre of tinplate production, there are also several outstanding places to get a nice spot of lunch. Why not find out for yourself today? You’ve earned a treat!

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There is evidence establishing that at least one Iron Age hill fort once stood nearby Llanelli, with the development of the town itself occurring over several centuries.

The Industrial Revolution of the 1800s, in particular, brought about significant expansion due to local mining of coal. Although the mining industry has since declined, the area remains an ever-popular tourist destination.

On your next visit, why not spend time in an Afternoon Tea Llanelli venue? There is never a bad time, after all, to indulge in all of your favourite sweet and savoury goodies!