When it comes to an Afternoon Tea in Solihull, there are a handful of wonderful, quality-assured venues to choose from. This large town and administrative centre finds itself in the West Midlands of England.

Historically part of Warwickshire, it lies 7½ miles southeast of Birmingham, 18 miles northwest of Warwick and 110 miles northwest of London. Solihull is the most affluent area in the region, as well as being one of the most prosperous locations in the UK outside of London. Plenty of opportunity, then, to find an excellent, classy place to stop for lunch! What’s not to like?

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Solihull boasts a rich and expansive history, much of which can still be admired to this day. Indeed, the celebrated architecture of the town, with several examples of timber-framed Tudor-style buildings, is one reason why it attracts so many visitors.

Interestingly, unlike nearby Birmingham, the Industrial Revolution largely passed Solihull by. The Second World War likewise had a minimal effect on the town, while neighbouring Coventry suffered significant damage.

As such, the area has maintained its historic charm and appeal without much influence from modernisation. Why not discover for yourself before or after stopping in an Afternoon Tea Solihull Tearoom? You won’t be disappointed!