Assam Tea Keyhung Estate BOP 2nd Flush


The Assamese Tea Estate of Keyhung lies in the north east corner of India, on the south side of the mighty Brahmaputra river in the district of Tinsukia town. It is situated on the road south from Tinsukia before you reach the famous Tingri Golf Club and the Deohall Tea Estate where the Smith Family were based when in Assam. Uncle Bob Stammers was the visiting agent for the Keyhung Tea Garden and recently remarked on unique taste of Keyhungs production with its special Jammy notes!

Today Keyhung is a Mcleod Russel Tea Estate which is part of the Williamson Magor Group. Assam is India’s biggest tea growing district, the Brahmaputra river bringing life and water to the low level tea plantations along its banks. Assam characteristically produces hearty, full bodied teas full of malty character. Keyhung has just over 600 hectares of tea in production, producing over one and a half million tonnes of tea per annum. Over 3,000 workers and their families live on the estate, well cared for with its own schools, hospitals and community centres provided by the company. The estate is monitored under the The Ethical Tea Sourcing Partnership (ETP) programme. Keyhung is well known as a top Assamese Tea Garden producing some top grade teas.

Assam Tea Keyhung Estate 2nd Flush BOP

Type of Tea: Orthodox Black Tea

Origin: Tinsukia District, Assam, India.

Altitude: Low Level

Loose Leaf Tea Grade: Broken Orange Pekoe. CTC production (Cut,Tear,Curl). 2nd Flush.

Brewing Guide: Use freshly drawn Water, boiling and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.

Tasting Notes: Strong, Full bodied in cup with that special maltiness that we expect from Assam Teas. A Great Breakfast Tea !

Colour in Cup: Rich Dark Brown, Coppery Colour in Cup.

Health Benefits of Assam Black Teas: Assam BOP Teas help to keep you fresh and the body energised. Good levels of antioxidants boosts the immune system and help to ward off ailments.

Additional info
Additional info
Type Black Tea
Health Points Anti Oxidants, Hydration, Refreshing
Caffeine Level Medium
Options Loose Tea
Time of Day Breakfast, Lunchtime, Afternoon
Country India
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