Pu-erh tea is packed full of really good stuff and can help fight some of the conditions which challenge good health.

Here are five of the best reasons to drink pu erh tea (pronounced ‘poo-air’)

1, Pu-erh Tea Helps Aids Weight Loss

Scientific studies have shown that pu-erh tea suppresses fatty acid synthesis. This means it can actually stop your body producing more fat. A French study has shown that a twice-daily cup of pu-erh tea, one hour after meals, resulted in weight loss of between five and ten pounds over two months.

Apparently, it helps to reduce the amount of fat the body stores after a meal and in China it’s so popular they call it the ‘skinny girl’ tea.

2, Pu-erh Tea Lowers your Cholesterol

Unlike other teas, pu-erh contains a small amount of the cholesterol-reducing drug lovastatin, so as well as helping to lower the ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL), it might also raise levels of the ‘good’ stuff (HDL).

In addition, researchers at Beijing University discovered that pu-erh tea appears to treat metabolic syndrome by beneficially adjusting blood lipids and lowering blood sugar.

3, Pu-erh Tea Helps Sharpen your Brain

Pu-erh tea comes from Yunnan in Southern China and has a special place in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s believed to reduce hangover symptoms and improve mental alertness thanks to its cha-qi (tea energy). Instead of a ‘hair of the dog’ why not try a nice cup of cha?

4, Pu-erh Tea is well known for Cleansing  the Body

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, pu-erh tea has been used for generations to keep internal dampness from occurring in the body. This is a term the Chinese use to describe an abnormal state in the body’s energy.

The tea has been used traditionally to activate the spleen, benefiting blood-cleansing and digestion. It’s also known for its ability to remove toxins from your system.

5, Pu-erh Tea is known for Banishing Bad Breath

Pu-erh tea has been shown to help combat bad breath. The combination of phyto-chemicals and micro-organisms in a soothing cup of mellow pu-erh, work against the germs and bacteria to improve oral health.

Having read about some of the health benefits of drinking pu-erh tea, we hope you’ll make it a regular part of your day. Its rich, earthy flavour can be enjoyed morning, noon and night. Just brew using boiling water and infuse for one to five minutes.

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