We know the drill by now: the nights are drawing in, the temperatures are cooling, and now is the perfect time for long walks amongst the trees of changing colours. We’re heading into autumn, and here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we couldn’t be more excited our 5 Must Have Teas For Autumn that are just perfect for the season. After those long walks, consider returning home to one of the following five delicious beverages:

Buy Jasmine Tea with Flowers
Jasmine Tea with Flowers

Nothing is quite like Jasmine Tea; however, our Jasmine Tea with Flowers goes one step further with the addition of actual jasmine flowers within the blend. It is a traditional Tea that has been consumed for at least 1,000 years, perhaps longer.

First created in China, Jasmine Tea is the product of a unique and truly fascinating processing method. In the early afternoons of June, July and August, experienced and dutiful labourers carefully hand-pick jasmine buds while the sun is out and the dew has evaporated. The pickers are very explicit as to which buds are brought back for the next stage to ensure each one is due to bloom that same evening.

After harvesting potentially thousands of jasmine buds, the soon-to-be flowers are stored in a dry place until evening, when the blossoms open in the cool night air, releasing their signature scent. At this point, the jasmine blossoms are placed into basket trays and layered over Tea leaves during what is known as the scenting process.

After some hours, the Tea leaves underneath absorb the fragrance and distinct flavour of the jasmine, with some higher-grade Teas (including this one) requiring a repeat of the process to ensure the effectiveness of the scenting. The finished product is, quite simply, exquisite.

Why drink this Loose Leaf Tea in Autumn? For those not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, our Jasmine Tea with Flowers offers you some wonderfully floral aromas and flavours that will undoubtedly evoke strong images of the hotter months.

Furthermore, there are astounding health benefits associated with the frequent consumption of Jasmine Tea with Flowers. For example, all Jasmine Teas, like all Green Teas, have metabolism-boosting properties, which in turn enables the body to burn fat quicker and more efficiently. With Christmas seemingly just around the corner (who would believe it, huh?), now is the time to lose a few extra pounds to make your life a little easier come spring!

Buy Rooibos Tea Online
Rooibos Tea

Grown exclusively in the Cederberg region of South Africa, Rooibos Tea takes “unique” to the next level. It was first consumed by the Khoisan people (an indigenous population of South Africa) many hundreds of years ago. Now spreading throughout the world and continues to gain popularity with each passing year.

Rooibos is caffeine free (thus a notably relaxing Tea) and low in tannins, making it an excellent alternative to so-called “regular” Tea (Tea that originates from the Camellia sinensis plant). It also has a multitude of health benefits when consumed as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Why drink this Tea in Autumn? Again, for those wishing to hold on to the summer months just a little longer, Rooibos Tea is likely to fill the void. It is a very accommodating beverage, particularly when other ingredients are added. Aside from our standalone Rooibos Loose Tea, we also have a range of Flavoured Rooibos Teas, including Rooibos Vanilla Tea for all ice cream lovers, as well as Rooibos Pineapple and Lemon Sorbet Tea for a more tropical take on this versatile brew.

Buy Lapsang Souchong Tea Bags
Lapsang Souchong Tea Bags

While this Tea was made by pure accident centuries ago, there is no mistaking the fact it is now here to stay. But what makes it so special? For starters, Lapsang Souchong is essentially a smoked Black Tea. Most commonly, pinewood fires are used to smoke the Tea leaves, which in turn, and unsurprisingly so, creates a defined smokey flavour.

Once said to be a popular choice with Sir Winston Churchill, Lapsang Souchong is also an outstanding choice for those who like a hearty brew. Not only does it remain a popular Black Tea today, but was also, quite possibly, the first Black Tea ever invented.

Legend has it that during the Chinese Qing dynasty (1644-1912), a group of farmers in the Fujian province were confronted by bandits looking to steal their Tea crop. In their desperation to save the produce, the farmers quickly dried the Tea leaves over pinewood fires so they could be sent to market before the bandits returned. At first, the farmers believed they’d ruined the crop. But, of course, they hadn’t, as our ever-popular Lapsang Souchong stands testament.

Why drink this Tea in Autumn? Because of Bonfire night, of course! Celebrate this traditionally British holiday with a cup of Lapsang Souchong Tea by your side, perhaps while out in the garden watching the fireworks high in the sky!

Cream Earl Grey Tea
Cream Earl Grey Tea

Millions across the world choose Earl Grey Tea. But we have one better: Cream Earl Grey Tea, which tastes as good as the name suggests! If you, like many, have a defined sweet tooth, then this may be the brew for you!

There is a mystery surrounding the origins of Earl Grey, with no one really knowing why it is named after the famous British Prime Minister. Some say that during a diplomatic trip to China, Lord Grey saved a drowning boy from a river, and as a sign of gratitude from the boy’s father, the Earl was given Tea leaves scented with bergamot oil. However, records suggest that Earl Grey never once travelled to China, and so the story remains unfounded!

Why drink this Tea in Autumn? There is no denying that Autumn is a colourful time of year, so why not also have a colourful cup of Tea? By colourful, we mean that Earl Grey has an extraordinary flavour, an extraordinary aroma and extraordinary health benefits. Furthermore, the addition of real cornflowers likewise makes for a colour cup in the most literal sense. What more could you possibly want from your everyday brew?

Buy English Breakfast FOP

English Breakfast FOP

Made from a blend of Assam and Ceylon Teas, English Breakfast FOP is one of our most sought-after beverages. Period. “FOP”, meaning “Flowery Orange Pekoe”, refers to the use of only the top bud and the first two Tea leaves of each new shoot. Flowery Orange Pekoe Teas contain young, tender leaves with a balanced amount of tip and bud, with our English Breakfast FOP being, of course, no exception.

Why drink this Tea in Autumn? Regardless of the season, our English Breakfast Tea FOP is an absolutely divine Tea. So the real question here is: why not drink this Tea in Autumn (as well as throughout the rest of the year!)? English Breakfast FOP is a delicious everyday Tea year-round. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter - you decide. And yes, it’s as simple as that!