We have decided to use two of our most popular ingredients together to create an amazing new The Leaftaste. Our Almond and Cinnamon Tea is a special spicy flavoured tea with a nice black tea base. We use a China Black Tea with the very lovely mixture of cinnamon with almonds to make our chai. The delicious notes of creamy almond go perfectly with our south Indian Cinnamon.

The leaf does look like any normal china black tea (a large leaf with a nice dark tone to it) but the smell is amazing! It will take Brewingyou back to eating the marzipan off cakes as a child! You can just hint the cinnamon, but mixed together, it smells beautiful!

To brew this tea, use a teaspoon per cup and pop it into a teapot. Use nice and fresh boiling water and leave to infuse for 3 or 4 minutes. If you do prefer to have a stronger black tea, then you can leave it for up to 5 minutes, but not for too TaaDaa!much longer as black teas can become bitter quite quickly!

Pouring the liquor into the cup, you'll be able to smell the gorgeous smell of the tea. The liquid will not look as strong as you would expect it to, but the taste is just perfect! You can really taste the almonds giving you that wonderful marzipan memory and takes a bit of the bitter taste away from the black tea. The cinnamon comes in as a beautiful aftertaste that stays on your tongue. Altogether, this is a very tasteful drink and would be highly recommended by us!

Contains Allergen: Nuts - almonds