Spiritual enlightenment is not something one frequently expects in modern times. For the average tea drinker, the ability to start the morning with their favourite brew is enough to entice them out of bed – but what if your comforting cup of tea could nourish the body and soul at the same time? Read on to learn more about Ayurveda Tea.

History of Ayurveda Tea 

Ayurveda Tea has been a key component of the ancient Ayurvedic holistic healthcare practice for over 5,000 years. Not only has this unique beverage been associated with promoting health

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and longevity in India for centuries, but has also been greatly enjoyed by anyone immersing themselves in this divine and revitalising tradition. Using a mix of herbs grown on the Indian subcontinent, Ayurveda Tea is used to implement the Ayurveda philosophy, which prescribes a lifestyle as a key to a long and balanced life. These principles are applied to physical, intellectual and spiritual ways of life – or “dosha”, when translated from Sanskrit. But despite this practice seemingly being a relic of simpler times, the desired balance is still relevant in this world of great scientific advancement. In fact, striving for a state of physical and psychological well-being is still important, now more than ever, as we live alongside a turbulent society of distractions and misgivings.

The term “Ayurveda” is formed from the Sanskrit words “ayus”, which means “life”, and “veda”, which means knowledge or understanding. Combined, Ayurveda is considered “the science of life” – but is there any science behind it?

Health Benefits of Ayurveda Tea

Ayurveda Tea has seen a rapid increase in consumption across the western hemisphere over the course of the last few years as scientific studies continue to establish the outstanding health

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benefits of this supposedly outdated practice. The various herbal properties found in Ayurveda tea have in fact been shown to combat a number of ailments including coughs, colds and flu, as well as supporting the improvement of the digestive and immune system. Ayurveda tea has also demonstrated increased energy levels despite not containing any caffeine. But most of all, new markets have been flocking to this extraordinary brew as research indicates that Ayurveda tea promotes a better metabolism and thus –  stimulating weight loss properties in the body.

So it seems that it’s not too late to kick start your new year’s resolution with this old, yet exciting brew and here at the Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we stock a unique selection of Ayurveda tea for you to browse and try.

Why not start with our Ayurveda Fasting Tea if you are looking to lose some Christmas pounds?

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This blend was created to help you during times of moderation, using a blend of Indian spices. The Cardamom, Black Pepper and Ginger aid weight loss and stimulate metabolism function while the Lemon Grass detoxes, cleanses and helps digestion, as well as being full of vitamins that your body may be missing out on during this period.

Prefer to immerse yourself in mental well-being? You are looking for our Ayurveda Wellness Tea. This spicy Indian blend combines ginger, cardamoms and chillies, giving you an infusion to harmonise and calm both soul and body.

Whichever you choose to go, you can be sure that in this fast-paced world of dramatic change and discovery, sometimes the old ways are the best ways – especially when it comes to tea!