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First produced in China in the early 17th Century Black Tea, by farmer looking to transform lower quality green tea, they discovered that allowing the tea to oxidise completely created flavours and richness and sweetness.

Black Teas also deteriorated much slower than Green Tea and was easier to compress into a Tea Brick for transporting and trade. For almost 200 years, Keemun Tea and Lapsang Souchong have become ever more popular teas, and become as popular as green teas.

With the opening of the first Indian plantations in the 1930s led to the dominance of cheap loose leaf tea and harsh Black Tea in the UK and Europe.

This all but destroyed the traditional whole leaf Tea from China. It is only in the last 10 years or so that fine loose Black Tea has been available again in the UK.

Even though its renowned flavour is particularly distinctive, Earl Grey Tea is still predominantly a black tea, meaning its consumption ensures you obtain all the health benefits available within black tea whilst having the extra bonus of bergamot extract.

  1. Christmas Loose Teas

    Christmas Loose Teas

    Is it really that time again? Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we couldn’t be more excited for Christmas as we get to drink our Christmas Loose Teas. It is, as we all know, a time for love, laughter, and festivities, as well as, of course, being a time to treat yourself with all sorts of Read more...
  2. Learn More about Earl Grey Tea

    Learn More about Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey is the Flavoured Tea we all love, and yet know very little about! More mysterious than the books we read or the movies we watch, this Tea has so much uncertainty surrounding it that no one really knows where it came from or even when. But despite its elusive beginnings, Earl Grey Tea remains one of the most Read more...
  3. 5 Must Have Teas For Autumn

    5 Must Have Teas For Autumn

    We know the drill by now: the nights are drawing in, the temperatures are cooling, and now is the perfect time for long walks amongst the trees of changing colours. We’re heading into autumn, and here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we couldn’t be more excited our 5 Must Have Teas For Autumn that are just perfect Read more...
  4. Pu erh Tea Benefits

    Pu erh Tea Benefits

    Pu erh Tea is a tea treasured in China; however, very few have known of it in the west until recent times. It has quite the reputation and is noted as being earthy, bold and indulgent in flavour and the recent well documented Pu erh Tea Benefits. And the indulgence of Pu erh Tea is now spreading outside of Yunnan, outside Read more...
  5. Lapsang Souchong Tea

    Lapsang Souchong Tea

    Accidents happen, we are all guilty of it. Yet how often can our accidents be perceived as historic triumphs? Lapsang Souchong tea is one such example. Its origin is, by rights, the product of a potentially catastrophic mistake. Today, however, there is no mistaking the immense popularity surrounding this distinct and flavoursome brew. Lapsang Souchong Tea is easily recognised by its unique, smoky Read more...
  6. Ceylon Tea: Health Benefits and History

    Ceylon Tea: Health Benefits and History

    Most of us will be aware of the name Ceylon Tea, but what are the facts? Where does it come from; what does it taste like; and does it have any health benefits? First of all, it’s important to note that no two Ceylon Teas are ever the same. With that in mind, you can only imagine the possibilities to be Read more...
  7. Pluckley, The Most Haunted Village in England

    Pluckley, The Most Haunted Village in England

    Its that time of the year again! The time for ghosts and ghouls; thrills and scares; and, of course, tricks and (or) treats! But how, you may be asking, does The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company have anything to do with Halloween? Nestled away in the beautiful Kentish countryside, our establishment is situated in what is now known Read more...
  8. Darjeeling Tea - Protests and Violence *UPDATE*

    Darjeeling Tea - Protests and Violence *UPDATE*

    * UPDATE * - Darjeeling Tea Update - 21st October 2017 As of 21 October 2017, tensions in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, India, have been easing. However, the troubles that plague the world-famous tea growing region are far from over. Since the most recent troubles arose in June - as opposed to the issues that have been ongoing Read more...
  9. How Much Caffeine in Tea and Coffee

    How Much Caffeine in Tea and Coffee

    Caffeine Levels in your Morning Cuppa Did you know that approximately 60 plants naturally contain caffeine? This includes nuts from the Kola Tree, often used in soft drink products. Also the Theobroma cacao tree, which produces the bean used as a primary ingredient in chocolate. More famous, however is caffeine in coffee which is from the arabica plant, known as Read more...
  10. Assam Tea History & Health Benefits

    Assam Tea History & Health Benefits

    No one can deny the outstanding contribution that India has made to the World of Tea over the course of nearly 200 years. In fact, from the age of the British Raj right through into the post-Independence era, this incredible nation has brought to light some of the greatest varieties of teas currently available on the market including Assam Tea Read more...

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