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Chai Tea is a quintessentially Indian infusion made by blending Black Tea leaves with various herbs and spices. Recipes differ significantly depending on the region, town or sometimes even the household! However, Chai Tea has since spread from the subcontinent and is now a popular beverage around the world. Whether you’re traipsing down Mumbai streets or walking into your local cafe, this type of tea will undoubtedly on the menu! According to modern scientific research, Chai Tea benefits our liver, skin and immune system. It can also, depending on its ingredients, provide a wealth of vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants. Most notably, these chemical compounds fight off free radicals in the body, ultimately reducing the risk of several chronic conditions. Who would expect that from their morning cuppa? On our website blogs you can find out more information.

  1. What is Chai Tea?

    What is Chai Tea?

    The influx of custom in Tea and Coffeehouses throughout the UK (and, in fact, around the world) has seen our outstanding ability to tolerate long queues put to the test. Perhaps you, too, have been in this position. Maybe you’ve found yourself aimlessly looking for some source of entertainment as you gradually waddle towards the counter. Above the noise of Read more...
  2. Happy Diwali

    Happy Diwali

    Diwali- What is it? With such deep routed Indian family history at Kent Tea, we have friends and family all over the world! It is important for us to share a day of such, the Diwali celebration with all of our customers! So, what is Diwali and what does it mean? Well, Diwali is the ancient Hindu festival of light Read more...

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