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Where would we be without Coffee getting us out of bed in the morning? Most know (and love!) these beans for their great flavour and caffeinated kick. Others, however, prefer taste and taste alone, and instead opt for a Decaf Coffee. Whatever your preference, you’ve chosen well with The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Freshness is our guarantee with every product you buy from us. But have you ever wondered about the ins and outs of your morning brew? If so, look no further than here. We have gathered all the information you need to know about your favourite beverage. From facts to figures; history to health benefits, you never need to be in the dark again. That is, of course, unless you choose a ‘Dark’ Roasted Coffee! Discover the wonder of Ethiopian Coffee. Come to terms with “What is an Espresso?”. Alternatively, find out “Is Coffee Good For You?”, “How is Coffee Roasted?” or “How To Make Iced Coffee?”.

  1. Ethiopian Coffee - All You Need to Know

    Ethiopian Coffee - All You Need to Know

    People love Ethiopian Coffee Beans, perhaps more so than any other brew. But why? Could it be because Ethiopia, a country in Africa, was the birthplace of both humanity AND Coffee? Homo Sapiens spread out from the continent some 70,000 years ago, thus moulding the world we know today. The discovery of Coffee, meanwhile, dates back only a few hundred Read more...
  2. Chrysanthemum Tea Benefits

    Chrysanthemum Tea Benefits

    Chrysanthemum is more than just a pretty flower. According to research, when brewed as a Herbal infusion, it might also come with Chrysanthemum Tea benefits. Though long revered for its outstanding beauty, today many are using it to improve life in small yet significant ways. The question begs: what can it do for you? This article will look into all Read more...
  3. Is Coffee a Laxative?

    Is Coffee a Laxative?

    No one can deny that Coffee gets us out of bed in the morning. However, after a cup or two, it seems to have us running to the toilet, Is Coffee a Laxative?. For some, this can be somewhat of an inconvenience, while for others, it has since become part of the routine. So, is Coffee a laxative? This article Read more...
  4. Best Teas For Bloating

    Best Teas For Bloating

    A lovely, wholesome meal can sometimes be ruined by boating. Indeed, no one likes to feel swollen and uncomfortable at the best of times. Is there an easy, “fix-all” solution? Not exactly. However, there are, without a doubt, a few types of Tea that can help, thats right we have tea for bloating.What are the Best Teas for bloating? In Read more...
  5. Effects Of Caffeine On You

    Effects Of Caffeine On You

    What does caffeine do to the body? What effects does it have? For starters, it depends on the individual. It also depends on the amount of caffeine intake. In this article, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company will talk you through the basics of caffeine. We will explore the science behind it, as well as its potential health Read more...
  6. How is Coffee Roasted?

    How is Coffee Roasted?

    How is Coffee roasted? It’s a journey of sorts, one that uses state-of-the-art technology, as well as the care and diligence of individual workers. Roasting is arguably one of the most crucial stages of the Coffee process. Indeed, from plant to cup, nothing quite defines one’s morning brew more than roasting. In this blog, you will find out exactly why Read more...
  7. What is an Espresso?

    What is an Espresso?

    Understanding “what is an Espresso?” has caused many a headache among our customers. This is with good reason, seeing as it appears even the internet can’t agree on a definition. The good news is that, here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we can. While this is potentially one of the most misunderstood aspects of the world Read more...
  8. Yerba Mate Benefits

    Yerba Mate Benefits

    Watching the football recently, you may well have seen some of the players drinking an unfamiliar beverage. At first glance, you might be forgiven for seeing a straw in a coconut. This is not so. The likes of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero have, in fact, been drinking Yerba Mate. This extraordinary high caffeine Herbal Tea has become Read more...
  9. Is Coffee Good For You?

    Is Coffee Good For You?

    It’s no secret that Coffee gets us out of bed in the morning. Indeed, many of us can’t seem to make it through the day without this delicious, invigorating brew. But is Coffee good for you in any other ways? Are there proven health benefits to drinking it frequently? Tea has claimed most of the headlines in recent years due Read more...
  10. How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee?

    How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee?

    How many calories in a cup of Coffee? It depends. For the most, however, it’s good news. In this article, we will look into the factors that influence the calories in Coffee. We will also determine, once and for all, if your morning brew can complement a healthy and active lifestyle. As soon as you know the facts, you can Read more...

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