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Flowering Tea, also known as Treasure Tea, is one of the most beautiful infusions ever created. Upon brewing this strange, seemingly insignificant ‘ball’ of Tea leaves and flower petals, it quite literally unfurls before one’s eyes. There is nothing quite so mesmerising as watching this exquisite beverage extend its delicate petals one at a time. You can enjoy this, too, with our outstanding selection of Flowering Teas. Before you buy, however, why not find out more about it? Flowering Tea is one such topic covered in our blogs. Browse below and find out about its origins, what type of Tea it uses, and why it is so popular. Once you know the facts, you can try it right here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. We pack every loose leaf tea, Tisane and Coffee fresh to order, ensuring not only quality but also consistency.

  1. Cornflower Flower Petals

    Cornflower Flower Petals

    Cornflower Petals are a beautiful addition for tea blenders and can be found in a lot of our teas like our Earl Grey with Cornflower Tea. The Latin name for cornflower is Centaurea Cyanus with common names such as hurtsickle, bluebottle, bachelor's button, boutonniere flower and cyani flower. This tea can be medicinally known as a soother for tired eyes. The Read more...

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