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Green tea has recently exploded into an extremely popular beverage over the past five decades. This ancient brew has been cherished in Asia for thousands of years but in the Western Hemisphere and their respective markets, green loose tea is still a growing phenomenon with increasing research indicating its consumption has outstanding health benefits of green tea for a number of ailments.

With its earliest reference dating back to 2737 BC, green tea's history is long and fascinating. Like most varieties, it's harvested from the Camellia Sinensis plant, but is processed differently to the likes of black tea and oolong tea. In the case of producing loose leaf green tea, the leaves are dried or slightly steamed but not fermented.

This is what makes it look green when it is brewed. Centuries before it had ever made it to a cup however,likely used by people for just chewing and eating. It wasn't until the 8th century that a new method of steaming leaves to inhibit their oxidation was discovered that green tea really set off to take Asia and ultimately, the world, by storm. Why not try our Lemon Sencha Green tea for when the sun is shining in the garden? This loose tea can be served hot or chilled down to make a refreshing ice tea drink. Alternately, if the ice is on your car instead of in your cup.

  1. Is Green Tea Good For Skin?

    Is Green Tea Good For Skin?

    The health benefits of Green Tea cannot be overstated. Studies suggest that this wholesome and invigorating beverage can, among other qualities, improve cardiovascular health and promote weight loss. But is Green Tea good for skin, too? The short answer is yes. However, there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. In this article, we will answer some Read more...
  2. Who Discovered Tea? 

    Who Discovered Tea? 

    Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world after water. In the UK alone, we have 100 million cups of it daily - that’s 36 billion a year! China is the biggest producer, accounting for 22.8% of the world’s Tea exports, worth $1.5 billion USD, in 2016. But how did we get to this point? Where did it Read more...
  3. Green Tea Pregnancy

    Green Tea Pregnancy

    Is it safe to drink Green Tea during pregnancy? There is research for and against Green Tea pregnancy benefits. Some scientists suggest there’s no need to worry; others recommend steering clear of it altogether. What’s the truth? In this article, we will scrutinise the reported, to unearth what it all means. We will answer, once and for all: “is Green Read more...
  4. Green Tea Latte Recipe

    Green Tea Latte Recipe

    Green Tea, the second most consumed Tea in the world, has already won the hearts of many. According to statistics, we drink 600,000 tonnes of it every year! This is an increase of 20% in the last decade alone. Indeed, as its popularity continues to increase, connoisseurs have started experimenting with its flavour - enter Green Tea Latte Recipes! What Read more...
  5. Jasmine Tea Benefits

    Jasmine Tea Benefits

    Jasmine Tea benefits the mind, body and soul in a variety of ways. In its most natural form, it is a beautiful flower. When brewed to make Tea, it boasts an equally beautiful taste. Infuse it with either Green Tea or White Tea, and one has a match made in heaven. But what makes it so unique? According to the Read more...
  6. Benefits of Green Tea

    Benefits of Green Tea

    The benefits of Green Tea cannot be overstated. However, most people who pick this wholesome, nutritious beverage off the shelves don’t consider its true capability. Nor do they often think of its significance in history or its cultural impact on the world. We are here to tell you that Green Tea has borne witness to the rise and fall of Read more...
  7. Gunpowder Tea

    Gunpowder Tea

    It doesn’t have to be fireworks night to enjoy Gunpowder Tea. Indeed, you may wish to start autumnal celebrations off with a bang using this brew. Or, more likely, you simply want to enjoy it year-round because of all it has to offer. Either way, you needn’t look any further than The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Gunpowder Read more...
  8. Christmas Loose Teas

    Christmas Loose Teas

    Is it really that time again? Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we couldn’t be more excited for Christmas as we get to drink our Christmas Loose Teas. It is, as we all know, a time for love, laughter, and festivities, as well as, of course, being a time to treat yourself with all sorts of Read more...
  9. Oolong Tea vs Green Tea

    Oolong Tea vs Green Tea

    Today, Green Tea accounts for 20% of the world’s Tea consumption. Oolong Tea, on the other hand, accounts for less than 2%. In this sense, these two Teas couldn’t be more different, but they also share some similarities. The question begs: which one is better, let's compare the two different tea types this this article, Oolong Tea vs Green Tea Read more...
  10. White Tea vs Green Tea

    White Tea vs Green Tea

    It is no secret these days that Green Tea can improve one’s everyday way of life in a multitude of ways. The studies are out there, and the media can’t get enough of it! We open the newspapers, turn on the television, listen to the radio and there it is: “Green Tea’s extraordinarily health benefits”. Best of all, it’s all Read more...

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