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This popular brew has found itself exploding onto tea markets across the globe with a 31% increase in consumption since 2010 alone. But herbal tea is not new with records tracing its usage back thousands of years to Ancient China and Ancient Egypt. 

Since its early beginnings, Herbal Tea has been used for its medicinal properties. In the 1980’s, the tea market saw a boom in herbal infusion sales as studies were conducted proving the health benefits of Herbal Tea

For example, Camomile Tea has been used for centuries to naturally aid sleep. This is because camomile contains tryptophan, an amino acid known for its tranquilising effects. Meanwhile, Peppermint Tea can combat illness with its properties used to prevent nausea and vomiting. By stimulating bile production in the gall bladder, peppermint breaks down fat in the digestion system and thus, relieving you of nausea.

Our Milk Thistle Tea which is used to maintain liver health, as well as to protect the liver from toxins such as alcohol, pollution and other liver related diseases. As well as Nettle Tea which acts as a stimulator with a rich iron vitamin and protein content. 

  1. Peppermint Tea: "Frequently Asked Questions"

    Peppermint Tea: "Frequently Asked Questions"

    When it comes to Herbal Tea, you’d be hard-pressed to think of a more popular brew than that of Peppermint Tea. This infusion dates back centuries. However, it has only recently soared in popularity. Today, those wishing to move away from conventional beverages like Black Tea and Green Tea often begin by drinking Peppermint Tea. But what makes it so Read more...
  2. Camomile Tea Benefits

    Camomile Tea Benefits

    Let’s Explore Camomile Tea and the Health Benefits When most of us think of effective Herbal remedies, no doubt Camomile Tea benefits ranks high on the list. For thousands of years, countless societies spread across the globe have applied Camomile Tea benefits to their daily lives. Little has changed today. Now, however, we have the science to back these Camomile Read more...
  3. What Is Vervain Tea Good For?

    What Is Vervain Tea Good For?

    What is Vervain Tea good for? The short answer is quite a lot. For starters, it tastes great. When combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, however, it can offer so much more. Indeed, Vervain Tea, according to the latest scientific research, can improve life in small yet significant ways. This article will explain how and why. Before we do Read more...
  4. Rosehip Tea Benefits

    Rosehip Tea Benefits

    When you think about roses, you see flowers, right? That’s all fair and well, but forgotten for too long is Rosehip Tea benefits. Though not as beautiful as their floral counterparts, these small, seemingly insignificant fruits have much to offer. So what is Rosehip Tea? What are its benefits? These questions and many more will be answered in this article Read more...
  5. Lavender Tea Benefits

    Lavender Tea Benefits

    Lavender Tea is nostalgia in a cup. Many of us have fond childhood memories of parents putting Lavender bags under our pillows while we drift off to sleep. Others might recall times wandering through gardens thick with the scent of this mesmerising herb. Now, according to scientific research, we can embrace Lavender Tea benefits. Studies suggest that this wholesome, nutritious Read more...
  6. Mulberry Tea Benefits

    Mulberry Tea Benefits

    Many of us might have grown up with the nursery rhyme “Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush”. Now, you can embrace Mulberry Tea benefits instead! This remarkable Herbal Tea, as well as tasting great, can improve daily life in small yet significant ways. Once highly revered as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the health benefits of Mulberry Leaves Read more...
  7. Mint Tea Benefits

    Mint Tea Benefits

    Mint Tea: the most popular herbal infusion in the world. No question. Indeed, for thousands of years, Mint Tea benefits have inspired millions. Some drink it for its nutritional value - others for its weight loss properties. Most, however, choose to drink Mint Tea because it tastes extraordinary. Whether it’s Peppermint or Spearmint; Watermint or Moroccan Mint, brews rarely get better Read more...
  8. Echinacea Tea Benefits

    Echinacea Tea Benefits

    Indigenous Americans drank Echinacea Tea for cold and flu symptoms hundreds of years ago. Now, science has supported such claims, along with other Echinacea Tea benefits. Studies suggest that this Herbal Tea can not only support the immune system, but also help with weight loss, soothe cold sores and potentially reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. In this article, we Read more...
  9. Moringa Tea Benefits

    Moringa Tea Benefits

    Moringa Tea and Moringa Tea benefits date back millennia. India’s ancient holistic tradition of Ayurveda has long claimed that it can aid some 300 diseases. In fact, the Sanskrit word for Moringa is “saubhajnana”, which means “knowledge of the heavens”. This term holds true today, according to modern science. Moringa Tea benefits the mind, body and soul in a plethora Read more...
  10. Health Benefits Of Turmeric Tea

    Health Benefits Of Turmeric Tea

    Turmeric, ‘the spice of life’, is one of our most popular Herbal Teas. Why? Because of the health benefits of Turmeric Tea. For thousands of years, Turmeric Tea benefits have boosted immune systems, lowered cholesterol, eased osteoarthritis and even enhanced cognitive function. We consider it a wonder-brew. Is it time you did, too? This article will answer the following questions Read more...

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