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This popular brew has found itself exploding onto tea markets across the globe with a 31% increase in consumption since 2010 alone. But herbal tea is not new with records tracing its usage back thousands of years to Ancient China and Ancient Egypt. 

Since its early beginnings, Herbal Tea has been used for its medicinal properties. In the 1980’s, the tea market saw a boom in herbal infusion sales as studies were conducted proving the health benefits of Herbal Tea

For example, Camomile Tea has been used for centuries to naturally aid sleep. This is because camomile contains tryptophan, an amino acid known for its tranquilising effects. Meanwhile, Peppermint Tea can combat illness with its properties used to prevent nausea and vomiting. By stimulating bile production in the gall bladder, peppermint breaks down fat in the digestion system and thus, relieving you of nausea.

Our Milk Thistle Tea which is used to maintain liver health, as well as to protect the liver from toxins such as alcohol, pollution and other liver related diseases. As well as Nettle Tea which acts as a stimulator with a rich iron vitamin and protein content. 

  1. Ginseng Benefits

    Ginseng Benefits

    Ginseng benefits the mind, body and soul in a multitude of ways. Its medicinal use dates back thousands of years, most notably in Ancient China where the consumption of Ginseng Tea allegedly cured numerous ailments prevalent in society. Now, this claim has the backing of much of modern science, and that is why this week, The Kent and Sussex Tea Read more...
  2. Spearmint Tea Benefits

    Spearmint Tea Benefits

    We’re all familiar with how good Peppermint Tea is for you, but now allow us to introduce you to Spearmint Tea Benefits. While the former has enjoyed a significant amount of time under the spotlight, it is finally time for the latter, Spearmint Tea, to shine brightly here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Though lesser known Read more...
  3. Thyme Tea Benefits

    Thyme Tea Benefits

    When it comes to Herbal Teas, none are quite like Thyme Tea. It is a beverage with character, with flavour, with history and Thyme Tea Benefits are well documented. It is a herb known best as an accompaniment but here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we believe it’s time that changed. Thyme Tea deserves recognition not Read more...
  4. Milk Thistle Benefits

    Milk Thistle Benefits

    Milk Thistle Tea is the best thing to come from a plant that, at the best of times, gets in the way and can be considered a weed, try brewing it up, it does the opposite. Milk Thistle Tea and Milk Thistle Seeds Tea both come from the same plant and are both delicious. But did you know Milk Thistle benefits Read more...
  5. Dandelion Tea Benefits

    Dandelion Tea Benefits

    The Dandelion is more than just a weed. Gardeners may hate it but we love it, especially when brewing up a warm, nourishing cup of either Dandelion Tea or Dandelion Root Tea for the well-documented Dandelion tea benefits. Still, we understand that there is nothing more frustrating than having your garden filled with dandelions in the summer; however, instead of Read more...
  6. Jasmine Tea Benefits

    Jasmine Tea Benefits

    Jasmine, a beautiful flower with a beautiful taste. It can be added to green sometimes White tea or even Black tea or enjoyed simply as a nourishing Herbal Tea; the choice is yours. And whatever your preference might be, we have a Jasmine Tea for everyone and all types of this amazing tea offer Jasmine Tea Benefits. There is something enchanting Read more...
  7. Rooibos Tea Benefits

    Rooibos Tea Benefits

    Rooibos is not just a tea it’s an experience; one from the mountains of South Africa where leopards prowl and eagles soar high above the landscape. Every sip of this invigorating brew transports you to its home in the Cederberg Region, where Rooibos grows in great abundance and boasts a proud if sometimes turbulent history, so lets explore Rooibos Tea Read more...
  8. Sage Tea Benefits

    Sage Tea Benefits

    There is a Medieval saying: “Cur moriatur homo, cui salvia crescit in horto?”. Translated from Latin this means: “Why should a man die, while sage grows in his garden?”. This is due to the beliefs surrounding Sage Tea Benefits. Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we have built upon the foundations of this motto with our very own Read more...
  9. Lemon Balm Tea Benefits

    Lemon Balm Tea Benefits

    Lemon Balm Tea is known as “The Calming Herb”, a quality that transcends in herbal tea form. Choosing to enjoy this tea is essentially choosing a delicious and refreshing Beverage with extraordinary Lemon Balm Tea Benefits. Its nickname alone suggests a peaceful night’s sleep or a meditative state of harmony. And it does just that, and so much more. Perhaps most fascinating of Read more...
  10. Hibiscus Tea Benefits

    Hibiscus Tea Benefits

    There are a wealth of extensive scientific studies into Hibiscus Tea Benefits to be examined across the spectrum of modern science. From weight loss to menstrual relief; anti-ageing properties to, of course, lower blood pressure, the possibilities are near endless. This makes Hibiscus Tea the perfect accompaniment to any healthy and active lifestyle. This beverage may be the answer to numerous ailments Read more...

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