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Many consider Organic Tea the way forward within the Tea Industry. Not only does consuming it improve your health, but also improves the lives of tea pickers in some Estates.

Many conventional tea plantations are converting to a more organic method of growing after seeing the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Not only do the staff suffer from this controversial growing method, but also the quality of the tea under these conditions.

Further to this, Organic Tea is also often Fair Trade, meaning you can reap the health benefits whilst knowing that small farms are being supported, workers on tea plantations are being treated fairly.

Organic Tea is certified by the regulatory body within the producing country and then checked and certified again as it enters the European Union. The EU regulations on organic products are very robust and uniform across Europe.

As well as its morals, research has established that these products have more nutrients and antioxidants within them than conventionally grown items. Despite this, Organic tea is less widely available than its more mainstream counterparts. We take pride in our vast selection.

  1. What is Organic Tea?

    What is Organic Tea?

    We all want to do ‘our bit’ for the environment, but how can your morning cup of tea make a difference? If, like many, you are looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle, choosing Organic Tea could be your first small step to saving the planet! But, what is the truth behind this natural brew and what can it do Read more...

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