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  1. Pu erh Tea Benefits

    Pu erh Tea Benefits

    Like a fine wine, Pu erh Tea gets better with age. It’s a brew treasured in China. However, very few know of it outside of the east. Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we plan to change that. With this blog, we hope to inspire you to experience Pu erh Tea benefits for yourself. It has Read more...
  2. Jasmine Tea Benefits

    Jasmine Tea Benefits

    Jasmine Tea benefits the mind, body and soul in a variety of ways. In its most natural form, it is a beautiful flower. When brewed to make Tea, it boasts an equally beautiful taste. Infuse it with either Green Tea or White Tea, and one has a match made in heaven. But what makes it so unique? According to the Read more...
  3. Benefits of Green Tea

    Benefits of Green Tea

    The benefits of Green Tea cannot be overstated. However, most people who pick this wholesome, nutritious beverage off the shelves don’t consider its true capability. Nor do they often think of its significance in history or its cultural impact on the world. We are here to tell you that Green Tea has borne witness to the rise and fall of Read more...
  4. English Breakfast Tea (All You Need to Know)

    English Breakfast Tea (All You Need to Know)

    For many avid Tea drinkers, English Breakfast Tea is the cup of tea of choice. Some know it simply as “Breakfast Tea”; others call it “Builder’s Tea”, “Bog-Standard Tea” or, indeed, just “Tea”! This is because, for hundreds of years, English Breakfast Tea has stolen the limelight. In fact, it goes further than that: it has stolen the hearts of Read more...
  5. What is Chai Tea?

    What is Chai Tea?

    The influx of custom in Tea and Coffeehouses throughout the UK (and, in fact, around the world) has seen our outstanding ability to tolerate long queues put to the test. Perhaps you, too, have been in this position. Maybe you’ve found yourself aimlessly looking for some source of entertainment as you gradually waddle towards the counter. Above the noise of Read more...
  6. Hibiscus Tea Benefits

    Hibiscus Tea Benefits

    Hibiscus Tea benefits are today some of the best documented in the world of science and Tea. From weight loss to menstrual relief; anti-ageing properties to, of course, lower blood pressure, the possibilities are near endless. Hibiscus Tea can, under the right circumstances, be the perfect accompaniment to a healthy and active lifestyle. In reality, this beverage may be the Read more...
  7. How Much Caffeine in Tea and Coffee

    How Much Caffeine in Tea and Coffee

    Caffeine Levels in your Morning Cuppa Did you know that approximately 60 plants naturally contain caffeine? This includes nuts from the Kola Tree, often used in soft drink products. Also the Theobroma cacao tree, which produces the bean used as a primary ingredient in chocolate. More famous, however, is caffeine in coffee which is from the Coffea (Coffee) plant. Furthermore Read more...
  8. Peppermint Tea Benefits (All You Need To Know)

    Peppermint Tea Benefits (All You Need To Know)

    Is Peppermint Tea good for you? Absolutely; and in more than one way! Peppermint Tea benefits the mind, body and soul. It’s arguably the most popular type of Herbal Tea in the world and continues to increase in popularity at a rapid rate. The question being asked today is: could Herbal Teas such as Peppermint one day give so-called “real” Read more...
  9. 5 Must Have Teas For Autumn

    5 Must Have Teas For Autumn

    We know the drill by now: the nights are drawing in, the temperatures are cooling, and now is the perfect time for long walks amongst the trees of changing colours. We’re heading into autumn, and here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we couldn’t be more excited our 5 Must Have Teas For Autumn that are just perfect Read more...
  10. Green Tea Caffeine

    Green Tea Caffeine

    Once, people thought little of Green Tea Caffeine. In reality, it has only been relatively recently that people have thought about Caffeine at all! Now, however, science has established both the advantages and disadvantages of continuous Caffeine intake day after day after day. These new studies have given rise to numerous questions, most notably: does Green Tea contain caffeine? And Read more...

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