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White Tea became revered during China’s Song Dynasty (960-1279AD), where it became the choice of drink within the royal court and was given as tribute to the emperor. In fact, one Song Emperor, Hui Zong (1101-1125AD), became so obsessed with finding the perfect tea that he lost much of his empire.

White Tea is still growing in popularity across western markets but with recent studies establishing its incredible health benefits. It is expected that white tea’s consumption will rise rapidly over the course of the next few years.

The improvement of a number of ailments have been credited to the frequent consumption of white tea including the reduced risk of cardiovascular disorder and poor oral health.

It also contains high levels of nutrients and antimicrobial qualities that protect the body against the occurrence of diseases. Furthermore, White Tea has been proven to provide relief to diabetic people from symptoms such as decreased plasma glucose levels, increase insulin secretion and excessive thirst (polydipsia.)

The remarkable history of this tea, coupled with its outstanding health benefits, ensure that in every sip you take, your brew is worthy of royalty!

  1. White Tea Benefits

    White Tea Benefits

    Did you know that White Tea benefits are more substantial than other Teas? You’d be forgiven if you had no idea. In fact, you’d be forgiven if you barely knew anything about White Tea at all. This is because, in recent years, Green Tea has claimed most of the spotlight. Yet times are changing. The future is this wholesome, delicious Read more...
  2. White Tea vs Green Tea

    White Tea vs Green Tea

    It is no secret these days that Green Tea can improve one’s everyday way of life in a multitude of ways. The studies are out there, and the media can’t get enough of it! We open the newspapers, turn on the television, listen to the radio and there it is: “Green Tea’s extraordinarily health benefits”. Best of all, it’s all Read more...
  3. Creme D'Orange Green and White Tea

    Creme D'Orange Green and White Tea

    Using high-quality Chinese Green and White Tea, our Creme D'Orange Green and White Tea is a blend truly wonderful, delicate blend of flavours to create a refreshing and enjoyable cup. Using Lung Ching which is one of the oldest teas, boasting over a thousand years of history, this tea was first mentioned in the first book dedicated to tea by Lu Read more...
  4. Elderberry Cassis and Aronia White Tea

    Elderberry Cassis and Aronia White Tea

    Pai Mu Tan is a Chinese White Tea from Fujian Province and is one of the least processed of all the teas which means that it is the least caffeinated and has many health benefits, this article goes into more detail of this week's tea of the week, Elderberry Cassis and Aronia White Tea. It is made from one shoot and two Read more...

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